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Lomax Apprenticeship Success

Here at Lomax, success is what motivates us. We ensure that all of our learners are set up for success and to achieve their target during their time with us.

Cameron Skinner, Josh Gilchrist and Keiran Dodds started with us in February of 2020, working towards a Level 3 Diploma in Plumbing Studies, and since then have gone through our study programme, alongside their studies towards a Level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation.

After a few rounds of interviews, Cameron landed his dream apprenticeship with Gas Angels Heating Services Ltd and Keiran and Josh landed theirs with Apollo Gas Services Ltd.

Madison Docherty interviewed Josh and Cameron about their time studying at Lomax, the skills they have picked up along the way and how they feel about their upcoming apprenticeship. Here’s what they had to say:

So, when you first started, how did you find your course and Lomax in general?

J: “When I very first started at Lomax I wasn't totally sure of what to expect. I’d read positive reviews when I found you guys on Facebook Jobs. I was eager to learn and I definitely feel that has been achieved during my time here!”
C: “It was better than any other college I’d been to before and I enjoyed my course and the staff here from the very start”

What would you say has been your favourite task, so far, that you have done while completing your course?

J: “By far my time in the workshops, working in the model bathrooms, laying pipes in them and things of that nature.”
C: “I love pipework, making circuits and working with jigs.”

How did you feel going into that interview for your apprenticeship?

J: “I wasn’t necessarily nervous, because I don’t get nervous of course, but I was eager for it as I felt it was a step in the right direction and i knew it would push me further towards my future aspirations”
C: “I was quite nervous but not as nervous as I would’ve been if I hadn’t been through Lomax. I felt really prepared and set up for success”

How did you feel hearing that you had been successful in getting your apprenticeship?

J: “I was so grateful, and still am, especially to Tracey and Colin because they were a huge help in setting me up with the company and getting me into the right mindset for the interview”
C: “Well I was actually working at the time, but I was very happy when I got the call from Lomax telling me that I’d been successful. I rang my aunty as soon as I got off the phone!”

What skills have you picked up along the way that you think will be beneficial to take with you to your apprenticeship?

J: “So many. Practical skills like pipe bending and soldering obviously, but also things like communication skills and punctuality which I have developed while being at Loma which I think will help me in my apprenticeship.”
C: “Being at Lomax has just made me confident that I already have a good set of skills in working with pipes and fittings, which is a huge part of my apprenticeship and my future career. It’s been such a big stepping stone for me.”


What are you most looking forward to about starting your apprenticeship?

J: “It’s gotta be the experience. Not only experience in doing the job but experiences in meeting different kinds of people. It's gonna help me network within the industry. Plus it's fun, like just the other day I was working in someone’s home and he was 104-years-old!”
C: “Money. (laughs) No but I am most looking forward to the hands-on experience I’m going to get while working there. It’s gonna really help me progress in the future.”

How are you finding your current studies towards a Level 3 Diploma in Gas Engineering?

J: “It's difficult, but it's a challenge and I like challenging myself. Obviously the current situation with the lockdown is putting things on hold a bit, but I’m really looking forward to being back full-time.”
C: “Well when I originally started I did a plumbing course, and this Gas course is definitely a lot tougher, but I’m enjoying all of the new skills I’m learning. It’s engaging.”

What skills do you think you developed during your time on our Study Programme?

J: “I developed my communication skills during the SP, through the group challenges and games Corrie had us playing. She also helped us build a mint CV, it’s been really helpful for me when I was applying for my apprenticeship”
C: “Definitely skills in working both independently and part of a group. The employability sessions helped to prepare me for my interview.”

What would you say your proudest moment has been during your time at Lomax?

J: “Moments I felt most proud of were those little moments of success, such as passing assessments or being able to complete practical tasks properly.”
C: “Getting the apprenticeship for sure. I just felt that my studies at Lomax set me up to do well in my interview and have been a strong foundation for me. And getting the call that I’d been successful in my interview was definitely that ‘well done me’ moment!”

Looking back, what advice would you give to yourself when you first started now that you’re 11 months into your studies with us and have secured your apprenticeship?

J: “I’d tell myself it’s okay to ask for help when I’m stuck and to ask more questions to really help myself understand the content of the course better. I’m bad at remembering to do that and just trying to get on with it alone!”
C: “I’d just tell myself not to stress. To stick in because in the end, it's clearly going to be worth it, because I’ve now landed my dream apprenticeship and it’s all thanks to Lomax”

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